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About Amberlen

Anita Sultani

Amberlen Wix Expert Website Designer

You’re here because you want to know more about the person behind the brand. Right? 

This About page is a little different to the ones that you have probably seen.


Why? Because I am a human, just like you, and I don’t want you to read a rigid description that sounds like it came from a machine. I want you to know enough about me to trust that the person on this page, is the person you want working on your website – imperfections and all!

I grew up in regional Western Australia, and things are pretty casual in old “Wait a While” WA. 

But I have a secret… 

I was never one to wait a while

I’m all action, and just enough talk. 

I’m task focused and direct. 

I built a career fighting against my creativity and fixated on attacking goal after goal (after goal) in the corporate world. 

It didn’t exactly NOT go well. I had a sweet, challenging 2IC Upper Management job, a fair number of decent credentials to my name, and a great deal of respect from the ‘Big Cheese’. 

But, there was one problem with this... 

Something got in my ear. Something I couldn’t shake. 

I was not being provided enough opportunity to be visually and functionally creative.


And creativity is in my bloooood...

The industry I worked in meant working within the box.




Positively stifling for creative types.

For the small amount of creative ventures I caught hold of, I started getting alarmingly positive feedback. 

A multi-page brochure here, business cards there. “Wow, that’s brilliant, you should do more of that!” I’d hear. 

I branched out into websites. And clients were impressed. 

And at that moment, I wanted to make websites THAT WON'T BREAK THE BUDGET achievable for the average small business. Even businesses who have a stale website that they don’t know what to do about. 

So here is Amberlen. My solution for the less creative types, who know what they want but don’t know how to achieve it. 

If you want to work with someone who will NOT eat up your budget in small talk, works their BUTT OFF to give your website exactly what it needs, and won't ask for your arm or leg as payment, get in touch with Amberlen to talk about how you can get the website your business deserves. 

Fun Fact: I started painting and rediscovering my passion for producing artistic works in 2015. See my hobby gallery for a sneak peak into how I keep my right brain inspired for design projects!

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