5 Ways To Get Your New Website Off To A Flying Start

Choosing a website designer to create or refresh the look of your site can be an exciting and daunting prospect. Are you sure you’re picking the right person? Will they be able to project your goals, ideas, and branding into a stunning, functional website?

If your website designer is worth your time and money, they’ll initiate a consultation meeting focused on working out exactly what you want and need. At Amberlen, we provide this service as our way to get to know you better as a client and shape the direction of your website's design.

While this process may be not be familiar to you, there are a couple of things you can do to get the most out of your meeting and get your new website off to a flying start!

5 Ways You Can Prepare for Your Website Design Consultation

During the website design consultation, and with every client, we will talk about how you want your new website to look and feel. It's the first opportunity we get to hear about any issues with the current website, any ideas you have, and consider design concepts that will better reflect your brand, improve customer engagement, and reach higher conversion rates.

Here’s what you’ll need to think about in the earliest stages of the project:

1. Set Your Number 1 Goal

What business goals do you hope your website will achieve? Who is your ideal customer? You’ll want your design choices to work with your brand's image, but also reflect your customers’ purposes and interests for seeking you out. Tell us who your target audience is, how they come to your site, and what they’re probably looking for. Make sure to communicate that to Amberlen so we can account for this in your website's design.

Questions to answer: What is the MOST important things you need your web design to communicate? What actions do you most hope your visitors will take?

2. What Do You Love?

If you've seen a website that you really like, or design of any kind that you thought looked pretty impressive, make sure to share it during your consultation meeting (or soon after). It could be a full site or just a single design element; examples of the things you find inspiring help us learn what your tastes are. While not everything that you love may make it into your website design, Amberlen can look to implement parts of these elements to form a stunning, functional, consistent website.

3. Bring Your Branding

Most established business will have an existing logo, colors, or even style guides. A company style guide is extremely helpful to work with, if you have one.

Forward digital copies of your logo (preferably as a vector file), and any other publications or marketing materials that show how you have been projecting your brand to the public. With your logo, please provide only official versions, making sure they have appropriate trademarks, if applicable.

4. Provide Photos

High-quality photographs of your building, storefront, products, and staff is a very valuable resource when your website's design begins. Stock photos, when not done right, are easy for an audience to spot and can make your website seem impersonal and fake. In combination with your written content, nothing works better to give your site personality and give your visitors an idea of your company than real images. Sometimes a combination of stock photos and real photos can be balanced to work well.

5. The Small Stuff

Lots of bits and pieces of data go into a website's design, and many of the fine details can hold up progress if they are not provided early on. Here's a list of the more common ones you can provide to keep things moving:

  • Company social media site links

  • The regularly monitored, general contact email address that will receive the information from contact forms and communication from the website

  • Your full official business name for the copyright

  • The phone number and street address you would like displayed in the website

  • Whether you want a dedicated staff member to maintain your website or Amberlen

By using the pointers covered here, you can get the most out of our meetings. Following these suggestions will help streamline your website design process, so you can reach the hand-over stage and start achieving the goals you set as your website's purpose much quicker.

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