How Great is Wix For Professionally Designed Websites?

Fun Fact: Did you know that ltd. is based in Israel?

There are about 135 million registered users across the world, with 1.3 million new registrants signing up every month.

That is a HUGE community of Wix users. Why has it has become so popular?

Here are just 6 reasons, but there are many more.

#1 The most innovative web design and development platform on the market Wix gives Amberlen Website Design total freedom so we can design any kind of website for you — no matter what you need. It’s also the place where you can manage your entire brand or business online. With all the tools & features you need for your online presence in one place, it’s the fastest, most efficient and cost-effective way to get you online and looking amazing.

#2 Top grade, reliable hosting and security for your website Wix's reliable hosting guarantees uninterrupted service with 99.99% uptime. Everything is hosted in the secure wix cloud, so we can safely make updates to your website at ANY time. Your site is also viewed over a HTTPS connection with TLS, the latest security standards. This means that your website is SAFE from hackers, and you don't even need to use different providers (so you don't have to pay extra $$).

#3 Industry leading SEO

We've heard it all before. Why use wix, the SEO is useless? Ummm, no it's not. Amberlen is ranked for the keywords we want it to be ranked for and it was super EASY.

Amberlen can efficiently utilise the Wix SEO wizard on your behalf, as there is a personalised SEO plan based on your site and how you have built it. The Wizard takes you step-by-step and also provides additional resources that you can use to continue to build your search engine rankings.

Did you know this really cool thing too? Wix is PARTNERED with Google, so Amberlen can submit an index request to Google Search Console and GET YOUR SITE INDEXED WITHIN 60 SECONDS!! And there is an inbuilt keyword analyser where we can be sure we're using the strongest keywords for your site.

There is also quick Google Analytics integration that allows your visitors behaviour to be tracked once they are on your site too. Add easy blog and blog maintenance and this all leads to great SEO.

#4 Unlimited storage

We can create your Wix website to have as many web pages, text, images as you want. We can also set up databases to store & manage your site’s content. Then we can decide where and how to use this info on your site.

#5 Custom Domain

i.e. Your domain is the online address of your business. A custom domain name gives you credibility and helps customers find you. Wix offers great options for getting your own personalised domain name. We also hear that Australian domains are coming soon as well. Amberlen can help get the domain you want. Oh, and if you already own a domain, connecting this to your Wix site is VERY easy too.

#6 Professional Email Address

Wix also offers easy email connection for it's users through their Google partnership. Getting a professional email like helps build credibility and trust with your customers and makes you look professional when sending emails & invoices. You can also inadvertently get more exposure for your brand as well. Every business email address includes:

  • A personalized email address

  • 25GB email inbox size 5GB cloud storage space

  • Calendar & Docs

  • No ads

  • 99% uptime guarantee

  • 24/7 support

  • Mobile device management

Businesses might prefer to hire a website designer to quickly and professionally create their stunning sites and hiring a website designer could be the better option, especially for novices.

The ultimate goal of this South West Wix designer is to help get business online with a personalised service where all complicated tasks with respect to creation of sites will be handled by a Wix Expert. Amberlen also works in joint collaboration with other professionals to develop your perfectly tuned website.

Contact Amberlen today to talk about our Website Design and SEO Services. We'd love to hear from you.

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