How Much Does A Website Cost? 4 Things To Consider

If all websites have the same number of pages, same purpose and same functionality requirements, this would be an easy question to answer.

You may receive wildly different quotes from competing designers that leave you scratching your head and wondering how they could differ so much?

What will you get if you go with the more expensive quote?

What will you miss out on if you choose the cheaper option?

This is why it's important to fully engage in open and honest dialogue with your prospective designer to help them understand exactly what you want for your website.

Sometimes Amberlen receives requests like this:

"Hi Anita, I have been referred by so-and-so and would like a quote for a website. I need the quote ASAP. Please send through to".

Thanks so-and-so! No - I seriously appreciate the referral.

For web designers who value close client contact and unique non-generic designs, these requests are impossible to respond to without a request for further information.

If you don't provide sufficient information during your initial consultation or when requesting a quote, you might find your potential web creator drastically over-shooting the costs to cover a range of variables that can occur when clients aren't clear enough on what they want.

To help you help yourself and your potential website designer, Amberlen has created 4 Things To Consider When Asking How Much Your Website Will Cost.

When asking for your website design quote, consider these 4 questions.

1. Why will my website exist?

Have an good think about the purpose of your website, and attempt to articulate this to your web designer prospect. Here are a few common purposes of business websites to help you narrow your website's 'Why'.

  • Directly sell products

  • Convince visitors to become customers

  • Provide information to existing or potential customers

  • Showcase knowledge or creations

  • Provide easier access to aspects of your business processes (such as to generate quotes, or order tracking)

  • Collect information

2. What do I need my website to do for my business and my visitors?

Along with your website design purpose, it is important to know what you actually want your website to do for both users and yourself. Will your website's needs be simple or complex?

Good websites are easy for the visitor to engage with and takes pressure off other staff in the business.

What do I mean by this?

Your website can alleviate certain duties of a receptionist by providing pricing options and take contact information for the right person to respond to.

It can take orders and present details logically and helpfully to the packing and dispatch area.

It can also let visitors know the type of information they need to gather or consider before making contact with your business. This helps prevent unnecessary back and forth between an organisation and a potential customer who may not be your target client at all.

3. What is the scope of work I want from my web designer?

Remember, web designers are not often designers, copywriters and SEO experts rolled into one.

To help with your budgeting you'll need to be clear about where your copy will be coming from and what your overall SEO strategy is. It's a known fact that regular blogging is a great way to increase your organic search rankings, and most companies take care of this themselves.

While Amberlen will review and edit any copy provided for readability and intent, we have just the right local South West company available for full copywriting services if clients feel they need help with this area.

If you are planning on making it to the top of Google, Yahoo or Bing lists, your website designer may not be the right person to help you fulfil a long-term SEO strategy.

Amberlen ensures every site has the basics covered to be found and indexed by Search Engines.

4. What is my website budget?

Divulging what you are prepared to spend on a website can save A LOT of time for you and your prospective web designer.

We don't know what you think is reasonable and what you think isn't.

Even simply expressing a range (for example, $1000 to $2500) will be helpful for a web designer to holistically look at your website brief and see if your wants are actually achievable within that range.

HELPFUL HINT: You've probably noticed that website designers have portfolio pages on their websites? You can use this information to your advantage.

See a similar site that you like, i.e. design, amount of pages, information and functionality on their website? Call up the designer, and ask how much they charged to create that website and the totality of what was included in that cost. If their figure is outside your spend ball park, clarify your desired scope or move right along to query the next designer in line.

There will be either two outcomes from this activity. You will find a designer within your budget range (yay!), or you will find you naturally begin to modify your expectations about what it takes to design, test and optimise a unique website that matches your design wants and needs.

If you have considered these questions and you're ready to share your exciting website ideas with Amberlen, make contact for a consultation + obligation-free quote.

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