Why Amberlen Design Websites Using Wix

OK - first thing straight off the bat.

I'm a website designer.

Not a website developer.

And they are actually a little bit different.

As a designer I am a pragmatic, artistic type. This means I like to drill my focus onto design and functionality. Unnecessary over-complication is not my thing. That’s for other people.

Website developers are notoriously adept at coding and css which is effectively another language to some, and while I am super envious of people who have mastered this, technology has taken us to a place where knowing that language isn't always necessary to build sexy, functional websites for most businesses.

In case you were wondering, Wix isn't what it used to be. And it took me some years to come around.

I first used it back in 2012 for a Perth tree lopping business, and the results were far less gorgeous than I wanted them to be.

I quickly formed an opinion - and it wasn't good. It actually turned me off design and I threw myself back into my 9 to 5 manager job.

In late 2016 I tried Wix again. I wanted to see if things had changed, and if I could design a website I was proud to share. It did and I did - and the feedback about Amberlen's first incarnation was positive.

Amberlen's attributes include a unique combination of vivid, creative imagination, and down-to-earth sense of logic. When combining these two elements with the Wix platform, it just works. And now, Wix REALLY works for me.

With Wix, Amberlen can focus entirely on making websites look the way that makes our clients happy, and that also functions the way we want it to. It also means really nice websites can be whipped up really quickly, and attention is put into refining designs and functionality rather than coding. It also means a well-designed website doesn't need to cost upwards of $5000.

What about SEO, I hear you say?

Great question! I have really been exploring Wix SEO and there have been massive improvements from 2012 to now.

One misconception people continue to have is that having a Wix website design means your site won't get ranked by Google. Sorry - but that’s just not correct.

Google (through their senior employee, John Mueller), has stated that “WIX websites work fine in search”. And by the way, Rand Fishkin (a well-known SEO advocate) has become the Wix SEO hero in a Wix marketing campaign to improve their SEO cred. So this is a serious focus for Wix.

Google loves websites that are updated regularly, and that make strategic efforts to align content with the keywords company's could be found by (among a couple of other key actions mind you), so if you can easily update content, then you are already onto a winner. And you can easily update with Wix.

Another reason I like Wix this much is because it is easy to train others and hand over a website to the caring hands of dedicated staff members. Amberlen doesn't mind being the one to update the website for you, but it is such an intuitive platform, that I dare the person Amberlen trains not to get a little bit excited about this stuff. I dare them.

We all have our preferences in the way we do our work and the why's behind the way we provide our services, and I completely respect the perspective from a coder’s point of view. I just wanted to share a couple of reasons that I think Wix works. Some people think a Wix site is inferior, and that may not be a fair final call to make, because it all depends on what you need to create. It is perfect for Amberlen's website design creation services and the types of clients we like to work with.

We get great feedback from our website design and our clients don't care that it's a Wix site - they just care that it reflects their message and accurately portrays their image.

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